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JoAnn Loo, EHI Graduate, Shares E-H Experience in New Blog Series, The Courage to Seek

I also began to pay more attention to my own experience and encounters with others from moment to moment. I was no longer a slave to my reactions. Rather, I learned to take the time to pause and understand them, and choose how I wanted to respond. And I slowly began to learn to appreciate the concept of presence that we value greatly in E-H therapy.

JoAnn Loo is a 2013 graduate of  EHI’s Certification in the Foundations of Existential-Humanistic Practice, she shares her journey in a new series of blog posts. In 2012 JoAnn Loo made the decision to expand her Existential-Humanistic studies and moved from Malaysia to San Francisco to become a student at Existential-Humanistic Institute in the Foundations of E-H Practice. She has recently graduated, moved back to Malaysia and she shares her personal existential journey in an ongoing series of posts on the Saybrook New Existentialists blog entitled “The Courage to Seek.”  This series is an authentic look into an individual’s existential-humanistic professional journey. “The Courage to Seek” posts by Joann Loo are available at the New Existentialists blog for you to explore. The first post includes an intro by Mark Yang the 2013 Co-Director of the International Psychology Certificate Program at Saybrook University.

The Courage to Seek Pt 1-5

Other Student Experiences

Read Lisa Vallejos article, The Lived Encounter.

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