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Fall Events Through EHNW in Portland!

Recommended Events Hosted by Our Friends at EHNW

2023 – Annual Workshop: Examining Microaggressions and Building Cultural Empathy through the Historical Lens of the African American Experience

Presenter: Nathaniel Granger, Jr., PsyD

6 CEUs of Cultural Competency Approved vis NASW-Oregon

IN PERSON (limited to 50 registrants):
Hotel Deluxe
729 SW 15th Ave.
Portland, OR 97205
or Virtually by Zoom (unlimited registrants)
Link sent out a few days before the event

Regular Pricing
Professional: $195
Professional Affiliate: $175
Student: $85
Student Affiliate: $70

This workshop, “Examining Microaggressions and Building Cultural Empathy through the Historical Lens of the African American Experience” is entirely focused on the American experience for African Americans and other marginalized groups. Participants will examine the presence of microaggressions which include verbal, behavioral, and environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial, gender, sexual orientation, and religious slights and insults which target a person or group. Because of the great diversity among clients in psychotherapy, we are focusing this workshop on importance of cultural empathy. Participants will examine the historical issue of slavery and its relevance to today’s racial tensions, including historical trauma and the long-term effects of slavery. Finally, there will be an examination of poetry’s contribution to understanding those of diverse backgrounds.

Bio of Presenter

Nathaniel Granger, Jr, PsyDis a licensed minister, certified DEIB specialist, practicing psychotherapist, author & poet, transformational speaker, and executive coach.  He has been published in several publications including The New Existentialists and Journal of Humanistic Psychology. Nathaniel is a graduate of the University of the Rockies where he received a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Forensics. He also received a master’s degree in counseling and human Services and bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He has served as a Professor of Psychology at Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs and Adjunct Faculty member at Saybrook University in Pasadena, California as part of the Existential, Humanistic, and Transpersonal Psychology Specialization. Nathaniel Granger, Jr. is a Past President of APA Division 32 Society of Humanistic Psychology and currently the Treasurer of the Rocky Mountain Humanistic Counseling and Psychological Association. His doctoral dissertation was entitled, “Perceptions of Racial Microaggressions among African American Males in Higher Education: A Heuristic Inquiry.”

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Existential-Humanistic Northwest Presents: August Lunch-n-Learn

The Way of Redemptive Suffering: Transforming Adversity into Growth

Facilitated by Scott Kiser, PhD

August 11, 2023: 1pm -2:30pm Pacific Time

Virtual: EHNW will provide Zoom webinar details after registration

In-Person: Live True Counseling at 333 SW Taylor Street, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97204

Fee: All Tickets – $10 | Affiliates: Free

This presentation focuses on the experience of “redemptive suffering,” that is, psychological pain and suffering in response to adversity that become constructively transformative and growth-producing rather than only destructive. Through exploring the core dynamics of intentionality and meaning-creation, participants will see how painful life experiences can be transformed into empowering sources of growth by reinterpreting their essential meaning for the suffering individual. Specifically, this involves a critical choice to experience painful adversity in terms of an actively-thriving gratitude rather than a sense of passive victimization. The particular adverse experience of clinical depression will be utilized as a concrete example and guiding metaphor, is based on my (the presenter’s) personal experience and doctoral dissertation research. The way of redemptive suffering will, as well, be presented as a necessary, expanded and deepened model of resilience, extending beyond a prevailing concern with merely reestablishing pre-crisis level functioning.

Presenter Bio

Scott Kiser holds an MA in Marriage & Family Therapy from George Fox University and a PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University. He teaches psychology at Clackamas Community College, psychology/doctoral research courses and chair’s dissertation committees at the University of Arizona Global Campus, and foundational/qualitative research courses at Saybrook University. Scott’s areas of academic expertise and specialization are existential-humanistic psychology/psychotherapy and qualitative (case study and phenomenological) research. He has worked as a professional psychotherapist in community mental health agencies as well as private practice, involving extensive experience practicing individual, group, and family therapy. Scott is also a former EHNW board member.

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Please Note: this event is not being hosted by EHI. Please contact Bob about this event here via email

Existential-Humanistic Northwest Presents: Student Salon

Imposter, Interrupted: Balancing Self in Therapy

Facilitated by EHNW Board Members, Justin Rock, MA & Pam Barela, MA

November 18, 2023: 10am -12pm Pacific Time

Virtual: EHNW will provide Zoom webinar details after registration

Fee: Professional – $20 | Students: $15

This salon presents a safe and supportive space for new therapists and students to explore and discuss the common yet rarely addressed issue of imposter syndrome in their profession. We’ll delve into the nuances of self-doubt, feeling fraudulent, and questioning our own competency as we navigate through the therapeutic landscape. We will not only confront the imposter within but also dissect the intricate question of ‘how much me is too much me’ in a therapeutic context. How do we balance our personal identities with our professional roles? How much of our own experiences and emotions should we bring into the therapy room? Through shared stories, expert insights, and lively discussions, we aim to demystify these concerns, helping therapists realize they are not alone in these feelings and provide strategies to manage and overcome these hurdles. By attending “Imposter, Interrupted: Balancing Self in Therapy”, participants will find validation, encouragement, and practical advice to help them become more confident and effective in their roles.

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Event Host: Existential-Humanistic NorthWest

EHNW is here to impact the world through Existential-Humanistic values of authenticity, integrity, responsibility, inclusion, and awe. EHNW enlivens and enriches human experience through our commitment to being present with ourselves, others, society, and the mystery of life. At EHNW we serve the healing professions, our clients, and the public through dialogue, education, training, and advocacy. EHNW offers workshops, professional presentations, and salons.

Please Note: These events above are not being hosted by EHI. Please contact Bob at EHNW about this event here via email

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