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Training Retreat
Existential-Humanistic Therapy:
Principles of Practice

A hands-on five-night experiential residential course that offers skill development training in existential therapy practice.

Next Existential Psychotherapy Training Retreat Dates:

May 30th – June 4th, 2024

Continuing Education*: This training was approved for 30.75 CEs in 2023. 

At the Training Retreat

During the Training

Experience how Existential-Humanistic therapy is practiced up close and personally

Come together in a facilitated and safe environment

Engage in intensive, immersive experiential learning

Gain existential psychotherapy training

EHI's Existential-Humanistic (E-H) Therapy Training

A Focus on Experiential Learning

This training, which is the core of EHI’s educational programs, features a combination of relationship-building, learning of theoretical foundations, and first-hand experiences wherein theory comes to life. Learn & explore Existential-Humanistic Therapy, Existential Psychotherapy, and Existential-Integrative Therapy practices.

Instructors demonstrate their way of working with clients inviting commentary and participation.

Participants work in dyads and triads with each other, and receive direct feedback from an instructor as they work.

dyad receiving feedback during existential therapy training
participant in experiential training group self exploration

Experiential hands-on learning allows participants a way of personally understanding how work on themselves mirrors their ability to work with clients.

Attendees gain a deeper, more embodied sense of what existential-humanistic therapy has to offer.

participant sharing in group

E-H Therapy
Skill Development

  • identify meaning-making processes unfolding in the present moment,
  • illuminate these “actual but often unrecognized” processes by cultivating intrapsychic and interpersonal presence,
  • develop a safe, intimate, and healing therapeutic relationship,
  • recognize and work with existential life issues which may be present but disguised, and
  • recognize and work with transference and counter transference issues within an existential framework.
2023 Training Cohort group photo at Westerbeke

When and Where is This Training?

2024 Training Dates

May 30 – June 4, 2024

The residential starts at 3:30 pm on the first day and ends after lunch at 2:30pm on the final day.

The Location: Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma, CA

Westerbeke Ranch is a beautiful retreat center on acres of land in the heart of Sonoma. Built in the 30’s, the Ranch is a contemplative environment, nourishing to both body and soul. 

Westerbeke as a retreat center has historic significance for our community, as it was the meeting place for many of the seminal writers in Existential Humanistic theory and practice such as Rollo May and James Bugental.

See this short video of Westerbeke Ranch from YouTube

poolside at Westerbeke Ranch the retreat center for EHI's Existential therapy training

Staying at Westerbeke Ranch in 2022

What will be different about staying at Westerbeke Ranch this year?

A few notes about 2022 stay at Westerbeke Ranch based on our experiences and info so far:
  1. Back to regular training set up; we will share the Ranch with another group.
  2. Rooming: Cabin Rooms are shared and attendees will share with 1 other(updated 3/20/2022); bathroom attached to each room. 
  3. Meals:  The meals are served family style buffet. The team are dedicated to providing omnivores, vegetarians and vegans wonderful local nutritious foods. They will always be careful with regards to allergy safety.
  4. Carpooling: We always encourage carpooling up to the Ranch and will facilitate connections between attendees this year too!

How Can I Enroll in This Experiential Training?

The residential training has multiple enrollment tracks including the introductory Foundations Certificate Program and the modular Experiential Training Retreat Program  (just the retreat module). We ask that prospective attendees apply to the program that fits their needs best.  The programs are open to both licensed therapeutic professionals and graduate students. International attendees are very welcome!

This Training Available via Two Enrollment Tracks

1. Enroll in the Certificate in the Foundations of E-H Therapy Practice Program

The Foundations Certificate Program is the most popular program for those who are looking to gain a foundation in existential, humanistically-focused therapy practices. Applications for this Certificate program are accepted all year-round.

2. Enroll to Attend Just the Training Retreat! (Without any coursework)

This training is also offered as a stand-alone option: the Experiential Training Course Module.  Applications accepted all year-round. Commitment is for the experiential training only, no additional coursework required.

*Continuing Education at the 2023 Training

The 2023 training was approved for 30.75 CEs. 2023 CE Fee: $115, Please contact us for more info regarding the course or for disability accessibility. 

APA Division 32, Society of Humanistic Psychology, is a proud cosponsor of CE credits for EHI events and trainings whenever CE credits are offered.

DIV32 APA Approved Sponsor Icon

APA Division 32, Society for Humanistic Psychology is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. APA Division 32, Society for Humanistic Psychology maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Want More Info? Please Review the Info, Fees and Details of the Two Tracks Above and Send Us Your Questions

The program pages have specifics related to each enrollment track and please reach out to us to answer additional questions!

Participants who enroll in either program track participate in the same training residential at the same time; the Foundations Certificate program cohort have additional modules to their program beyond the experiential training.

Both program tracks accept applications all-year round with some applicants applying and enrolling up to a year ahead of time to plan their participation and gain a place.

Tips for Traveling to Sonoma

Getting to Sonoma: When planning travel to Westerbeke Ranch please note that EHI does not provide transportation up to Westerbeke Ranch, though we do encourage carpooling/ride sharing and initiate these connections  about one month prior to the retreat with info on a shared shuttle service we have been using these last few years.

Planning Your Visit to the Bay Area for the Retreat: We start at 4:00 pm the first day so we recommend pre-planning travel up to Westerbeke.

We suggest that if you are flying during these times, purchase a refundable and transferable ticket. We also suggest that if you can arrive to the area a day early, you bypass the risk of being late or missing your shuttle ride due to a late arrival or a canceled flight. 

We ask that everyone is on time to prevent interruption to the start of the training. (Plus the onsite testing takes a little time.)

Our final training session on June 4th ends at 12:15 pm and the cohort has a scheduled lunch together from 12:30-2:30pm; the group is to leave the Ranch by 3pm (occasionally someone will need to leave during lunch to catch their flight/ride, please let us know if that is anticipated.)

Transportation: We help set up two shuttles to and from the Ranch. One shuttle will pick up from Downtown San Francisco (Union Square) and the other shuttle will leave from SFO airport. Anyone staying near the airport the night before can take their hotel shuttle back to the airport to meet their travel group! Attendees pay their portion of the shuttle cost (appx $35-50 each way, plus tip).


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Covid-19 Policies and Safety Protocols for May, 2024 Experiential Training Retreat

Below is EHI’s current COVID-19 Vaccination Policy & Safety Protocol:  

  1. In order to attend the May 2024 Experiential Training Retreat, attendees will need to bring three COVID-19 “at-home” antigen test kits with them to the training and will need to take one test on the first day, shortly after arrival, and another on the third day at Westerbeke Ranch. 
  2. The third test kit is to be used in the event an attendee starts to experience symptoms of illness after the first two tests have been taken. 
  3. If an attendee starts to experience symptoms of illness at any time during the training, they will consent to take an “at-home” antigen test and that if they test positive, they will need to isolate at the retreat center or leave the training.
  4. Enrolling in this training means the attendee understands that, unless conditions worsen, masks will not be required, but you may wear one voluntarily if they choose (and people do).
  5. These protocols might change depending upon COVID-related conditions and CDC and local COVID-related guidelines around the time of the Experiential.


If the training were to be canceled, registrants will have the following options:

  • 1. Transfer their tuition to either the 2025 or 2026 Experiential Retreat Training/Certificate Program cohort. The tuition fee would be locked in, so that even if the tuition fee increases, students who paid for 2024 would not have to pay the increased difference (the lodging/food fee is not locked in). In choosing to transfer, please keep in mind that currently the 2025 experiential retreat dates are May 22 – May 27. The 2026 training retreat dates have not been set.
  • 2. Request and receive a full tuition refund, minus the $500 deposit. Of that deposit, $450 would be credited to the student’s account so he/she/they could apply that credit to any EHI event – including future Experiential Retreat Trainings – through the end of 2024.


Clinical Training Co Directors

Nader Shabahangi, PhD, LMFT

Nance Reynolds, PhD, LCSW

Clinical Training Coordinator

Stephanie Weissman, PsyD

Program Admin

Michelle V.

Please Reach Out to Us

Stephanie Weissman, PsyD