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Next Core Skills Training Workshop: Jan 26th -Jan 28th, 2024!

Core Skills in Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy - An Online Workshop

Friday, January 26 through Sunday, January 28, 2024

Fully Remote Workshop – Online Via Zoom! 

An Existential-Humanistic approach to psychotherapy can be a foundation for all therapists seeking to do deep and life-changing work with their clients. The E-H approach is based on core ways of being and working with clients that help facilitate greater awareness, greater sense of choice, increased agency and adaptiveness and a deeper connection to self and others – all in the service of healing and growing. There are core capacities and skills an E-H therapist uses to help clients effectively explore and work through their existential predicaments so they can more fully access what deeply matters to them. In this 16-hour online training, leading instructors in the E-H field will provide theoretical explanation and experiential opportunities for the development and/or strengthening of skills and capacities that are not only core to the E-H approach but can also support therapists of many other modalities cultivate a foundation for optimizing their technical skills. Topics covered include:
  • The cultivation of presence as both the ground of therapy and one of its primary objectives
  • The focus on the “living moment” in working with the “here-and-now” experience of clients – staying with what presents itself phenomenologically rather than employing theoretical interventions
  • The differentiation between primary, direct experience and secondary, interpretive experience – and the emphasis on working with phenomenological experience
  • The meaning-making process and the formation of the Self-and-World Construct – helping client and therapist understand identity construction and de-construction
  • How to work with the client’s ways of being in the world and how to utilize the therapist-client relationship to help shift unhelpful ways of being
  • How to identify and work through clients’ inner battles in order to support their longings to emerge, and feel more choice-ful and psychospiritually whole
  • Integrating and embodying your theoretical beliefs and authentic sense of self in your work as a therapist

This training is ideal for those who have not yet had any intensive training in E-H therapy or for those who have and are seeking a refresher or reinforcement of what they’ve learned: this training works in and of itself but can also be a precursor to the longer residential training EHI holds or even a helpful follow-up to the residential training.

Times (All Pacific Time)

Friday, 1/26/24: 12pm – 4pm

Saturday, 1/27/24: 8am – 3:15pm (including one hour break for lunch)

Sunday, 1/28/24: 8am – 3:15pm (including one hour break for lunch)


The regular General Licensed/Pre-Licensed fee for this training is $685*

Early Bird Offers:

Through 11/09/23: General tuition is $615 | Elder/Student is $565

From 11/10/23-12/09/23: General tuition is $645  | Elder/Student tuition is $595 

*Elders (65 and older) and Students (enrolled in a Masters or PhD level program) get $50 off of all of the above rates.

There is a $150 deposit needed to hold one’s spot when registering (for elders and students who register with a deposit, the $50 discount is applied to the deposit, which obviously makes it $100). For those registering after 12/23/23, full payment is due when registering.

Refund policy: You’ll receive a full refund, minus $75, if withdrawn by 12/23/23. There are no refunds after that. 

In order to provide an intimate-enough experience (even on Zoom), the number of participants will be limited – so please register early to ensure your spot!

More Info Available on the Enrollment Page!

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